Some bad news...

2008-04-05 22:01:09 by m0dul4r

The Dragonforce project will have to be halted for the shittiest reason ever - my monitor is failing.

Yeah, I should have gone to LCD ages ago, but I just never got off my lazy ass to go and get one.

Old CRT monitors tend to go bad after about 5 to 10 years, and this one's due just about now. It's been having seizures when I turn it on, and it's now reached the point where it will randomly go into an hourglass-type shape. This normally wouldn't be a problem as this monitor's been giving me shit ever since I was running a 450MHz HP Kayak playing StarCraft on Dial-up. But for that time, it was just messing up the colors (would randomly display everything in red or yellow).

So yeah, DF's been put on hold until I can get my hands on a new monitor, but the song will be completed. I'm sorry that I can't give you an exact date, but it's going to happen. I've come way too damn far to throw in the towel just yet.

Sorry that I have to put it on hold YET AGAIN, but I'm still making an effort to complete it in its entirety.

So yeah, shit sucks, I'm going awol until I get a new monitor.

Well, there goes seizure mode again, I'm gonna go play some Rez.



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2008-04-15 17:30:48

your monitor is failing? lol that sucks man, go with LCD n/136588 n/125372


2008-04-19 09:10:36

Nooo! /wrists