Hey man, look at me rockin' out! I'm on the radio!

2008-05-07 05:05:16 by m0dul4r

Well, kinda. Apparently I'm going to be mentioned in a radio interview with game music legend Lx Rudis (My personal favorite is the old-ass nes game Klax, it's pretty much like a bastard child of Tetris and Bejewled), So, for those of you referred here by the show, Welcome. Feel free to download anything of mine you like. Keep in mind that I'm not an active net personality, so my updates are few and far between, but I make them.

I got a few projects currently in the works that are taking FOREVER to complete due to my schedule suddenly asploding, but I'll try to post anything that falls out of FruityLoops that I think sounds good.

Be sure to also search around here for the other artists on the site, some amazing music here, lots of fresh blood like my buddy g0nadz. He's a relatively new musician, got a few months of experience in the music scene, but I can dig is stuff, so check it out. www.g0nadz.newgrounds.com

It's just a great site with a lot of amazing musicians and artists, but seriously, look for yourself.

(to g0nadz - you're welcome.)


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