Welp, I'm doin it.

2008-07-27 03:19:47 by m0dul4r

I finally got off my abhorrently lazy ass and decided to work on TTFAF some more. completely overhauled the drums and, well, I'm going for the gold of the Beijing Olympics. So far I've got it up to 6:48, and it's gonna be pretty.

I'm going to disable comments on this one because there are three possibilities. One, I get the ZOMG THX FOR CONTINUING IT!, two, I get the ZOMG LUZER YOU HAVE ZERO LIFE, and let's not forget three, ZOMG FAIL!

So yeah, I'm continuing the process, not at all giving any release date, but it's soon...

In the mean time,
Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young.