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Deagonforce Project resumed

2008-03-03 19:01:40 by m0dul4r

So, to those of you who were paying attention, the Dragonforce cover song project took a bit of a pause for a brief period while I sobered up... I mean, had a bit of rest. If you don't already know, doing something like this is pretty damn hard. I'm not using tablature, I'm not using a pre-rendered midi, I'm using nothing but my ears and a bit of an artistic license. You don't know how impossible it is to do a pitched harmonic on a SYNTH! (that's the part where the guitar squeals, which is basically what half of the solos are.)

Just letting you know that the operation is back at full force. Expect another rough demo (this time about 5 minutes worth) by Wednesday.

I hope that by undertaking this project I didn't piss off any fans of DF that may view something like this as sacrilege. I'm trying my best to please fans of both Metal and chiptune music.

Thank you for your patience with me on this, and hope you enjoy the final product.

Hey, everybody.

For those of you who are keeping track of my DragonForce remix, I'm just letting you all know that work is STILL continuing on it, but I'll just be taking about a week long break. I've been working on it almost non-stop for at least two weeks, and it's just getting a little too stressful. Actually, it's making my head explode. So yeah, no more Dragonforce for a little while.

The Short version of the above statement - Dragonforce is making my brain hurt, I'm taking a break from it for a little while.

Expect to hear an updated version in about a week and a half.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my music, good comments or bad. Every comment left has an effect on what I make next.

I'm thinking next I should try balls-out industrial...


2008-02-22 23:05:24 by m0dul4r

First update is out (though as of the time of this edit is unavailable.). and boy, the original proof-of-concept sample is crap compared to this. Hope you like it.

Ok, guys, here's what's going on...

About five minutes ago, I was listening to a Dragonforce song, "Through The Fire and Flames" or some such. Then, I wondered, how would that sound through an NES?

I've decided to do this. I am going to create an 8-bit rendition of Dragonforce's Through the fire and flames.

I just request one thing of you - please don't blam my submission into oblivion.

I'm working extraordinarily hard on this project, if you don't like it sound wise, at least take a minute to think about the technical aspect of it.

Dragonforce, a band with incredible talents and mindbending speed.

8-bit, the mainstream version of video game music.

Combine them...

I shall call it DRAGONGLITCH!

I'll upload a sample of it later as a proof of concept.


I'm horribly forgetful, and this account will be a monumental testament to it. I made this account 2 years ago, and forgot about it. Come back two days ago to register, and it's already here.

Now, about my music.
I try to spread myself over as many musical genres as I think I might enjoy. None of my tracks are ever thought out and organized. There may be a drunken melody recorded on my phone or some indecipherable scribbles on my wall, but that's about it. In fact, my song "demoscene" was originally gonna be a smooth trance track. And, as I predicted, good ol' ADD kicked in and just look where that went.

Experimental, that's the best I can describe it.

gotta go, pizza's here.