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I've been going through a radical change in musical ... everything lately, and that includes my newgrounds page.

Basically, I'm starting a new account. This time under Chupathingy.

I'll be leaving this one up for old time's sake but it won't be updated.

So, head on over to my new page to see what I've been up to. I'd put the link in now, but I haven't registered.

Well, Goodbye newgrounds, and HELLO NEWGROUNDS. again. um...

After a long time,

2008-12-18 17:43:59 by m0dul4r

I'm freakin back. Did you guys miss me? Probably not.

Well, anyways, I got another account at another site, this one's over at 8bit Collective. Do a quick search for Chupathingy and I'll be there.

As for NG, I'll be uploading a lot more frequently now.

Welp, I'm doin it.

2008-07-27 03:19:47 by m0dul4r

I finally got off my abhorrently lazy ass and decided to work on TTFAF some more. completely overhauled the drums and, well, I'm going for the gold of the Beijing Olympics. So far I've got it up to 6:48, and it's gonna be pretty.

I'm going to disable comments on this one because there are three possibilities. One, I get the ZOMG THX FOR CONTINUING IT!, two, I get the ZOMG LUZER YOU HAVE ZERO LIFE, and let's not forget three, ZOMG FAIL!

So yeah, I'm continuing the process, not at all giving any release date, but it's soon...

In the mean time,
Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young.

gettin' time in a studio

2008-07-27 00:21:49 by m0dul4r

Planning on doing a cover of Born Slippy (.NUXX), what do you guys think?

Shit is happening.

2008-06-27 23:36:58 by m0dul4r

Hey guys. I'm gonna be updating my page in a few days, but that'll probably be it for a while. My cat bear died last week, Friday 13th. Tomorrow my dog sandy is being put down. So, i'm not going to post any new shit for a while.


Hey man, look at me rockin' out! I'm on the radio!

2008-05-07 05:05:16 by m0dul4r

Well, kinda. Apparently I'm going to be mentioned in a radio interview with game music legend Lx Rudis (My personal favorite is the old-ass nes game Klax, it's pretty much like a bastard child of Tetris and Bejewled), So, for those of you referred here by the show, Welcome. Feel free to download anything of mine you like. Keep in mind that I'm not an active net personality, so my updates are few and far between, but I make them.

I got a few projects currently in the works that are taking FOREVER to complete due to my schedule suddenly asploding, but I'll try to post anything that falls out of FruityLoops that I think sounds good.

Be sure to also search around here for the other artists on the site, some amazing music here, lots of fresh blood like my buddy g0nadz. He's a relatively new musician, got a few months of experience in the music scene, but I can dig is stuff, so check it out. www.g0nadz.newgrounds.com

It's just a great site with a lot of amazing musicians and artists, but seriously, look for yourself.

(to g0nadz - you're welcome.)

So I fuckin' spaced...

2008-04-23 03:46:26 by m0dul4r

Hey, everyone, have a good 420? I sure didn't. All I had were a handful of pills that made me feel like my face was melting and made me vomit a bit. I didn't even get high. But I got drunk.

So anyways, I have a new monitor, and have been steadily working on the Dragonforce project. Been kinda busy lately, what with people wanting me to do shit and socialize, so I'll be on here a bit less, but I'm still going strong on the project. Sit tight, I'll post more later, as soon as this damn hangover goes away.

Some bad news...

2008-04-05 22:01:09 by m0dul4r

The Dragonforce project will have to be halted for the shittiest reason ever - my monitor is failing.

Yeah, I should have gone to LCD ages ago, but I just never got off my lazy ass to go and get one.

Old CRT monitors tend to go bad after about 5 to 10 years, and this one's due just about now. It's been having seizures when I turn it on, and it's now reached the point where it will randomly go into an hourglass-type shape. This normally wouldn't be a problem as this monitor's been giving me shit ever since I was running a 450MHz HP Kayak playing StarCraft on Dial-up. But for that time, it was just messing up the colors (would randomly display everything in red or yellow).

So yeah, DF's been put on hold until I can get my hands on a new monitor, but the song will be completed. I'm sorry that I can't give you an exact date, but it's going to happen. I've come way too damn far to throw in the towel just yet.

Sorry that I have to put it on hold YET AGAIN, but I'm still making an effort to complete it in its entirety.

So yeah, shit sucks, I'm going awol until I get a new monitor.

Well, there goes seizure mode again, I'm gonna go play some Rez.


Alright, so after a bit of a rest, some booze, a $cientology protest, and some quality driving time later, I've made another revision to Through the fire and flames. It's nothing much, it's to the part where the song slows down, goes through two solos and speeds up again. It's hit the 4 1/2 minute mark. I'll upload more in a bit, but I must warn you that it is still extremely rough. The parts I've added don't even have bass or drums yet, but I felt it was necessary to keep you guys updated and let you know that I haven't abandoned the project.

I've done a little math, and by the looks of things, if there are no delays in the future, the project should be completed in its entirety by April 20th. No, that's not a joke, that's when I expect that this song should be completed.

Also, it should be noted that the second solo during the slow-down was all me. That solo was just too much for me to recreate at my current skill level, so I improvised. I hope you don't mind. I mean, hell, it's a solo, each one is different, right?

Short version-

Did a bunch of shit, expect 8-bit Dragonforce ready for 4/20, or at least I hope it will.

Enjoy the latest version, I worked my ass off to make it.

Project idea for when I'm done with Dragonforce

2008-03-09 23:43:14 by m0dul4r

So this idea came about pretty much the same way the Dragonforce project did; Really messed up, at a friend's house, watching him play Guitar Hero. (I don't like the game, i was just grooving on the music) when my buddy says "Hey, check out this song". I listen with amazement as he plays Impulse by An Endless Sporadic.

After he played that, I hear my phone go off with the music of Super Mario Bros.

I think you know where this is going.

That or maybe Frankenstein by Edgar Winter.